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Serving families for 3 generations.

We are Adelaide’s outdoor equipment retailer and repair shop, providing fast, reliable, and personalised service. Our honest, caring, and organised team will leave you feeling perfectly equipped to maintain your outdoors.

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Jason Minicozzi


Luke Dean


Wayne Moore


Carla Minicozzi


A story of commitment, passion, and service.

Long years ago, a gentleman by the name of Frank Adams travelled to Adelaide for a new adventure, founding Trinity Mower Centre. Shortly after, Andrew Wundenberg jumped onboard as an apprentice, and in time became the new owner. Years later, the current owner Jason Minicozzi followed the same path.

Persevering through hard challenges like drought and stiff competition, the team at Trinity Mowers has always abided by one key ideal: Serve customers with respect and sincerity.

We believe in these timeless principles.



Do as you say. Always be upfront, candid, and transparent—with each other and with customers. That means we won't sell you what you don't need. It's that simple.

Hard Work

No one is successful without hard work. It builds character, trust, and reliability. Our team are a spirited, energetic bunch who put their back into every task.



A poorly done job is a job half-done. Our team take pride in working to a high standard. That means fixing things properly, and providing gear that lasts.



All of us have a deep desire to be understood. That's why it's so important to us to properly listen and show our customers that we understand their real needs.


Hear from our happy customers

Loading line has always been a pet hate but it’s so easy with the power head and pre cut lengths of line, I keep a spare in my pocket and if it runs out I am up and running in a minute. And it has so much power!

Green Thumb
01 / 03

“I seriously had my best retail experience ever today! In 44 years I've never met or dealt with such polite, knowledgeable, true blue sales staff. So worth the 40 minute drive to deal with professionals.”

Ronald Schiller
02 / 03

"Absolutely outstanding. We dealt with Luke at Trinity Mowers and found him to be very welcoming, knowledgeable and professional. Customer service was fantastic and we're very happy with the mower we purchased. Highly recommended."

Shane Caveney
03 / 03

A blog behind the scenes

Upgrade your equipment

If you're struggling to maintain your garden, perhaps you need different equipment. From robotic mowers for the time-poor, light-weight chore-performers for small gardens, to powerful ride-ons for large areas, we'll do our best to meet your needs.