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When Should I Replace My Mower Blades?

17 Dec
Luke Dean

A big question we get quite often is, "when should i replace my mower blades?"

Dreaming of a freshly cut lawn every weekend? Your mower blades are the most important part of your mower, without sharp blades you will find yourself quickly frustrated and wishing you knew when to replace your blades.
Here are some key tips to know when your blades are on their way out.

Your catcher isn’t filling up as well as it used to
If you find your catcher isn’t as full as it used to be that’s one key sign that your blades have lost their throw to throw it into the catcher.

The grass is being torn rather than cut/sliced
If you’ve ever noticed parts of your lawn getting a big chunk taken out of the turf, this is another key sign that the cutting edge of your blade is dull/split or maybe even bent digging into the turf.

The grass is just being pushed over
Ever done a few rows of your lawn just to look behind you and noticed that the grass is just being pushed down by the mower wheels and chassis? You can be sure that the cutting edge of your blade is completely dull and needs replacing.


Excessive vibration
Your mower blades are important to be balanced correctly otherwise it will throw your mower into a vibration frenzy and will be hard to hold onto. Turn the mower off, look underneath and make sure that,

1) all blades are present and,
2) they are all straight and have even wear.

At Trinity Mower Centre, we highly recommend you replace your blades every season to ensure a crisp quality cut every time. Unsure on how to replace your blades? We can help, drop your mower into us and we’ll get it back into shape in no time! Your mower and more Importantly your lawn will thank you.

Luke Dean


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