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Buyers Guide For Hedge Trimmers

9 Dec
Luke Dean

First of all you need to asses your situation, what will you be cutting?
Trimming or shaping? High, Low or Long hedges? Petrol or Battery?

There are typically 3 different types hedge trimmers out there on the market today.

· Double-sided Blades (for shaping)

· Single Sided Blades (for larger straight hedges)

· Pole extension Trimmers (for those hard-to-reach hedges)

Double Sided Blades
Double sided blade hedge trimmers are perfect for molding and shaping hedges at chest height, most of the time, hedge trimmers with double sided blades are equipped with a rotating handle to make doing the side of the hedge much easier, rather than twisting your arm awkwardly.
Double Sided Hedge Trimmers will also leave a clean finish the first time rather than going over the same spot multiple times.

Single Sided Blades

Single sided blades are mainly designed to do straight hedges that are long in size, while the blades are generally longer, most are balanced right making it easier to do longer hedges. You’ll most likely see single sided hedge trimmers on the entry point units (apart from dedicated single sided hedge trimmers for professionals). The only downfall with single sided blades, you may find it wont leave as clean as finish as a double-sided unit. But in saying that, single sided hedge trimmers are more on the affordable side for domestic applications.

Pole Extension Trimmers

Pole Extension trimmers are for those tall hard to reach hedges. With the pole extension, they are all equipped with an angled gearbox so you can change the angle to do the very top of the hedge without needing a ladder. We all know what it’s like using a ladder awkwardly trying to reach just that little bit more!

Battery or Petrol

While petrol will give you maximum power if you have petrol in the tank, battery will do the same job but without the noise and fumes.
Using a battery is great for domestic and most commercial applications, giving you up to 45 minutes of runtime.  But when needing to do long hedges that take hours to do, petrol will be the way to go.

Key Buying Points

- Consider if you want battery or petrol

- Take into consideration weight (is this easy to manoeuvre)

- Think about whether you need a standard reach or pole extension

- Will it have anti-vibration springs to help reduce motor vibration?

And lastly, see our related products to help you decide on which machine you should go for.

Luke Dean


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