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How often should I service my lawn mower?

8 Nov
Luke Dean

As with their car, most people service their lawnmower on a 5-10,000-kilometre basis or by month to month or even worse... year to year basis.

At Trinity Mower Centre, we suggest you service your lawn mower every 12-18months.

Why 12-18 months? Well, the average person in South Australia mows their lawn once a month in the colder months (May to August) and at least once a week in the warmer months (End of August to November) and for the real lawn fanatics, twice a week - sometimes 3 times a week!

So let’s do some simple math here, if the average person mows their lawn once a month in the colder months and at least once a week in the warmer months, the average person would have mown their lawn at least 28 times a year. That’s not including those who really take care of their lawn and feed it with good fertiliser and give it a good drink through the warmer months.

28 times you have hit rocks, sticks, bricks, water meters, hit the wheels against something solid, and pulled the starter rope probably 5 times before each mow (because it hasn’t been serviced by Trinity Mower Centre). Kicked it for not starting, cutting things you maaaybe should not (because after all it’s a lawn mower not a mulcher or garden vac.).

The air filter gets clogged with dirt, causing your spark plug to foul up. Your engine oil starts to become a little less like engine oil and more of a sludge that damages the internal parts of the engine.

Then you do the unthinkable.

You tip it over.

Tipping it over (incorrectly) to clean underneath the mower fills up the air filter/cylinder with oil! Click here to watch how to correctly tip your mower.

My point is, your mower goes through a lot in one year each year.

So, if you care about your gear lasting, it’s especially important to maintain it and keep it healthy. If you haven’t serviced it recently... click here to take the next step to have it serviced.

As Australians, we love a great backyard where we can cook on the BBQ and gaze onto our fresh lawn because after all, the finished product is what it’s all about.

Luke Dean


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