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All New Husqvarna AM405X Automower

27 May
Luke Dean

Husqvarna have just released the all new AM405X Automower so lets jump straight into the new features and what makes it different to previous models.


With all the features we are about to cover, the price of the AM405X is really cheap considering what it's capable of. Coming in at just $2549 lets see what it comes with and what it's capable of.


The AM405X Features everything you would see on a X-line product, these include;

  • Rubber front bumper to prevent scratching and scuffing
  • New Style curved LED Headlights
  • Orange Wheels for that pop to catch your eye
  • Small body design similar to the size of the AM305


The AM405X is focused on the small domestic user having a max capacity of 600m2,
it can handle a maximum slope of 40%, while cutting at 63m2 per hour. It will mow for 50 minutes on one single charge and a typical charge time is 60 minutes.

Cutting System

This is where the AM405X shines, it uses the same 3 pivoting razor sharp blades as the rest of the models on the Automower fleet, with a max cutting height of 50mm and a minimum cutting height at a comfortable 20mm. But it also is equipped with electronic height adjuster that is fully controlled via your smart phone on the Automower Connect App. (Customers would normally have to purchase a machine at the $4300 mark to even get this type of feature)


Here are more features that other models don't have. We'll start with what they all share;

  • Automower Connect (Control your mower from anywhere in the world, at work or in a different start you have full control where ever you are)
  • Bluetooth and Cellular (Works in conjunction with Alexa and Google Home)
  • FOTA Which is new! Giving the customer the ability to update the mowers firmware from the Automower Connect app rather than taking it into the dealer.
  • AIM Technology with Zone Control.
    This bran new feature allows the user to have full control over their garden and how it grows. The customer can edit their lawn area into different parts, telling the mower to mow at different times of the day and even at different cutting heights. You know what part of your lawn grows more than the rest, and you can even edit parts of your lawn for the mower to stay out. (Stay out zone) . This new feature also will map out your lawn and upload it to the cloud to your smartphone and give you a digital layout of your lawn area to help improve cutting performance and learn what obstacles are on the lawn.
    Check out this short video explaining AIM Technology.

The new AM405X Is priced perfectly to those who want the best features, looks and performance. Most of all it's for those who want a smart way to mow their lawn, to keep their gardens healthy and green.

Luke Dean


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