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A Smarter Choice For Your Garden

6 Apr
Luke Dean

Smart World.

We live in a smart world, smart phones, smart watches, smart cars, smart houses, smart appliances. Technology is constantly growing and expanding to newer ideas that help the end user achieve their goals and aspirations.  

When we think of smart appliances and gadgets, we normally keep those items in the 4 corners of our homes, but what if we took our smart devices outside our homes and in our gardens?  
Over the last few years, we’ve seen smart sprinkler systems come through and by one touch of a button on our phones we can control when our lawns and gardens get watered.  

Broadening the horizon.  

Let’s face it, our lifestyle is busy. Whether you have a family or a busy work life, taking care of the garden can not only be a burden, but a boring chore which takes up a lot of your time where it could be spent elsewhere

Husqvarna has the answer and have had the answer for the last 26 years! Husqvarna is the leading robotic mower producer out there, with over 30 years of research and development there has been no better time to start thinking about the Husqvarna Automower.  

How does it work, and does it really work...?

The number one question here at Trinity Mower Centre we get all the time when it comes to customers asking about the Husqvarna Automower is… How good are they? Do they really work? Almost seems like a gimmick, right? Well, it’s quite a basic concept, and it has proven to be the best kind of mower your lawn deserves.  

It works with 3 main components;
1) A Robotic Mower
2) A Charging Station
3) A Boundary Wire

The Automower stays in the confines of your lawn by placing a boundary wire around the perimeter of your lawn and obstacles like trees or large garden beds. The charging station provides the electrical current through the boundary wire to tell the mower to stay inside that boundary and not go over it.  

The Automower is battery operated and has an ultra-quiet operation, you wouldn’t know it was working unless you stood right next to it! And if the battery gets low, it will stop mowing and recharge itself.  

2 Main reasons why the Husqvarna Automower has proven to be the best mower for your lawn is;
1) It mows in an irregular pattern, covering every part of your lawn area without leaving any tracks or lines in your lawn.  

2) The cutting system is the best on the market, with other manufacturers using solid 3 tooth grass blade systems which has proven to be problematic because of the blade bending and causing the machine to vibrate all over the lawn and being a solid blade, it will destroy anything in its way.  
As for the Husqvarna it uses 3 blades that are not fixed, but freely spin with centrifugal force. This means when it comes into contact with a hard object, it will simply just drive over it and continue cutting what it was designed for. Grass.
With their extremely sharp blades you get a razor-sharp finish unlike conventional mower blades that simply tear the turf, the Automower blades will slice it leaving a perfect, level carpet finish looking lawn.  

The Smartest Mower You Can By

This all may seem like hard work, when we think “robotics” we can chuck it into the too hard basket, but Husqvarna have made it easy.  

The mower is completely controlled via your smart phone or Alexa or Google Home.  
Using the Husqvarna Automower Connect App, you can tell the mower to start and stop wherever you are, whether at home. At work or even from a different country! You can see the location of your mower, and even know when it’s been picked up.  
Worried about theft? These mowers have a on board GPS tracking device that will show you the exact location for up to 24 hours. You will get constant alerts and reminders through the app when it is stuck if it needs attention or if it’s being stolen.  

It works in conjunction with the Gardena smart sprinkler system, so it doesn’t come out when the sprinklers are on. It has a frost guard setting so it knows not to go out when it is too cold.  
It has sensors on the cutting disc and knows if your lawn has grown or not, if it hasn’t it will go back to charge and come out when the lawn has grown.  

With Husqvarna’s new AIM technology, you can now select different parts of your lawn areas to mow at different times of the day, at different cutting heights (all controlled via smart phone) and even make temporary stay out zones so the mower will only do what you want it to do when you want it to do it. You have complete control while the mower does all the work.  

Husqvarna is even now developing new technology so that one day you won't even need wires in your lawn, simply unpack the box, turn the mower on, and it will map out your garden just like that.

Still not convinced? Still have more Questions? Give us a call and we can help you answer those questions and even better yet choose the right model for your lawn area.

Luke Dean


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